How to convert a screenshot image to the warrior only image (using ImageMagick):

 convert Screenshot.png -crop 590x875+25+166 +repage "(Warrior)".png

If the warrior has got more than 4 rows of background story, parts of the text do not fit into the screenshot (even with 4 lines, some pixels are cut off). In this case, two screenshot may be combined like this (example for a 5 line background story):

 convert Screenshot-top.png -crop 590x588+0+0 +repage "Dream Navigator Ashyln"-top.png
 convert Screenshot-bottom.png -crop 590x375+0+550 +repage "Dream Navigator Ashyln"-bottom.png
 convert -append "Dream Navigator Ashyln"-top.png "Dream Navigator Ashyln"-bottom.png "Dream Navigator Ashyln".png

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