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The son of the man who's sould lies in the Iron Scourge.  He seeks revenge against Illdry the Alchemist for making him an orphan.  And to that end he requested a special made sword from the tinkerer that could slice through metal like butter.

Obtained byEdit

Release during the Steam Age Ultimate Box Campaign and will be available in the Ultimate Box 2013-07-01 through 2013-07-15.

Available in the Gold Box at random after the Steam Age Campaign has ended.


This warrior can be evolved by drawing it multiple times from the Gold Box.
Other forms: (The Smoking Hawk - Evolution I) (The Smoking Hawk - Evolution II)

Special AbilitiesEdit

Berserker Ability: Quick Feet 5% - Tanabata Eternal Dungeon

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
63 2388 2422

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