Riddle Me This

Riddle #1Edit

Question: There's a lamp when collected that gives off a green glow. Can you give me the name of this light, if you know?

Answer: Mortualia Lamp

Riddle #2Edit

Question: Kinship Castle is where we began our great fight. Who, brave warrior, is King Argyle's noble errand knight?

Answer: Kinsey

Riddle #3Edit

Question: Rubie is our fairy guide but we would be remiss to not ask the name of her cute little sis.

Answer: Jewel

Riddle #4Edit

Question: With a graveyard of dragons, made by our hero Gideon. Tell me, brave warrior, the first campaign that he won?

Answer: Dragon Crusade

Riddle #5Edit

Question: Your Kill List is filled with ememies of dread. How many tokens do you receive when you claim one of their heads?

Answer: Twenty or 20

Riddle #6Edit

Question: Our world is filled with beasts not found on any map. Now tell me the buggy warrior grown from toxic tree sap.

Answer: Battra

Riddle #7Edit

Question: Fierce beasts guard the Throne. But a winged beast towers and stands among the gods. Tell me the dragon of these powers.

Answer: Demigod Dragon

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