Banner PrimevalWild
Open the Gold and Ultimate Boxes! Unleash the Beast with the Warriors of the Primeval Wild!

Available in the Ultimate Box until: 2013-04-30


The primal Warriors of the Wild have emerged from the jungles of Drazeros.  Tame them in the Secret Box today!


8-Star WarriorsEdit

Unbelievably High Defense!
Warrior Max Attack Max Defense
Mire Dragon 6,542 9,388

7-Star WarriorsEdit

Wildlings In The Mist!
Warrior Max Attack Max Defense
Viper the Beastmistress 3,122 7,657
Prothoe the Whirlwind 7,903 3,051
Unchanging Quando 4,473 6,406

6-Star WarriorsEdit

Warrior  Max Attack Max Defense
Amazon Chieftan 3,333 6,047
Devourer of Hearts 2,995 6,443
The Pack 6,377 2,924
Saguinus 6,120 3,274
Xanthippe 6,433 2,979

Additional InformationEdit

  • If you open the Secret Box and Gain a Warrior that you already own, it will become Overlap Experience since you cannot have two of the same Warriors on your team (except for the 16th and 17th, where players will receive special Item Packs).
  • The Primeval Wild Warriors will be available in the Gold Box at random even after this Campaign has ended.
  • The Primeval Wild Warriors will no longer appeared in the Ultimate Box after this Campaign has ended (except for the 8-Star Warrior Mire Dragon).

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