Young magician from Pluto, formerly known as a planet. He's sad about the dismissal of his planet's status, and has sworn to bring it back to its former glory.

Obtained byEdit

Released with the Astral Warriors in the Ultimate box. 

Available at random in the Gold Box.

Warrior Strength by Level
Level Attack Defense
1 263 274
2 319 335
84 2,622 2,858
149 4,669 5100
150 (max) 4,699 5,133

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Transformation PotionEdit

Potion Pluto

Planet LostEdit

Available in the Secret box Palace of Light.


  • Transforms the drinker into Pluto only once.
  • Gain 10% more EXP and Coins
  • Faires return 10% faster


  • Pluto has the highest stats out of all the 6 star warriors in the game
  • In his evolved form he has more total stats than the weakest 7 star warrior, being the first to do so.

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