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Collect an Angel Feather everyday and take it to the Palace of Light.  Offer feathers to the Goddess and she will give you a reward you with items to support you on your journey.  When the gauge reaches 100%, she will guide you somewhere special!


Login Mission released on 2013-06-01.

Login in once a day to collect an Angel Feather. Use it to open the Palace of Light Secret Box. When the Bonus Gauge is 100% the Palace of Light changes to the Palace of Radiance where greater rewards are available.

If you login consecutively, you may receive a bonus.


Collect an Angel Feather everyday and take it to the Palace for a blessing, and Behold the strength of the new warrior and Advent - Pomona



  • Planet Lost Potion
  • Baby Phoenix
  • Energy Potion (100%)
  • Stamina Potion (+5)
  • Health Potion (100%)
  • Elixir
  • Experience book (+30)
  • Experience book (+50)
  • Azure Fairy
  • Hourglass (1 HR)
  • Amethyst Dagger - Atk+1000, Dur. Very High
  • Crimson Armor - Def +1000, Dur. Very High
  • Royal Seal
  • Gold Box Key
  • Coins (30,000-100,000)

July 2013 RewardsEdit

In addition to the rewards previously available, Transformation potions were added to the Palace of Light rewards. During the 1st week of July 10x chance at new Transformation Potions

Potion Warrior Bonus
Bright Essentia Spry Fairies return 10% faster
Craggy Stout Recover Health 10% faster
Draft of Brawn Gore Recover Stamina 10% faster
Elan Vital Lynne Gain 5% more Coins
Olympus Awakens Zuex Recover Stamina 15% faster
Radiant Solution Haven Earn 10% more EXP
Righteous Glint Carnell Earn 5% more EXP
Silver Vessel Hale Recover Energy 10% faster

Anniversary Renewal 2013Edit

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