Jackalyn of the Caldera

Jackalyn of the Caldera


An ageless sorceress who dominates her enemies with magic and the blade.  She can summon pillars of flame to destroy a whole city or take on each of its champions one by one.

Obtained byEdit

Collect 100 of each color Arcane Apple (blue, green, orange, red) during the Arcane Havoc Guild War. (2013-05-05 through 2013-05-12)

Other Forms: Jackalyn

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
150 (max) 3,127 8,020

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Transformation PotionEdit

Potion Jackcalyn

Cinder Cider

Rank in the top 10 during the Arcane Havoc Guild War.

  • Transform into Jackalyn
  • Recover Stamina 10% faster
  • Recvoer Health 15% faster
  • Fairies return 10% faster

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