What is Enlording?Edit

Enlording allows you to transform certain warriors and raise their rarity and stats. Only specific warriors can be enlorded, and only using a specific item. These special enlordable warriors are generally associated with an Eternal Dungeon and the potions can be obtained by reaching certain levels of the dungeon or accomplishing certain other feats around the same time, such as obtaining a certain number of kills in the accompanying Guild War or collecting enough of a certain item in battle, questing, or from fairies.

How to EnlordEdit

  1. Upgrade an enlordable warrior to its maximum level. The experience required will be less than for a non-enlordable warrior.
  2. Once the warrior is at its maximum level, Advance it again. Instead of experience, you are now able to use the enlording item (if you posses it) on the Warrior.
  3. The warrior will change to level 1, but its stats will increase from its previous maximum. If you wish to enlord it further, it must again be at its maximum level, so return to step 1 until your enlording items are exhausted.

Experience NeededEdit

Enlordable warriors do not have the same experience requirements as normal warriors. The four-star enlordable Ashyln von Sidow, for example, requires approximately 1040 experience to increase from level 1 to 100, whereas a normal four-star warrior requires 1287. The five-star enlordable Marina requires approximately 750 experience to reach level 150, whreas a normal five-star warrior requires 1386. Six-star enlordable Andromalius requires 1490 experience to advence to level 150.

What Warriors can be EnlordedEdit

Tot Dragon - DrakomanaEdit

Tot Dragon starts at Level 1. You need 990 Exp. and one Drakomana to Enlord to Munchkin Dragon. Munchkin Dragon turns into Winkie Dragon, which turns into Nikko Dragon, which turns into Crow Dragon, which turns into Tinder Dragon, and so on. In order to enlord to the next stage, the warrior must be increased to its maximum level, and then given a Dracomana through the Advance Warrior button.

Tot Dragon Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Tot Dragon Drakomana Muchkin Dragon
Munchkin Dragon Drakomana Winkie Dragon
Winkie Dragon Drakomana Nikko Dragon
Nikko Dragon Drakomana Crow Dragon
Crow Dragon Drakomana Tinder Dragon
Tinder Dragon Drakomana Gale Dragon
Gale Dragon Drakomana Liontalon Dragon
Liontalon Dragon Drakomana Wizard Dragon
Wizard Dragon Drakomana Baum Dragon
Baum Dragon Drakomana Gulch Dragon
Gulch Dragon Drakomana Glinda Dragon
Glinda Dragon Drakomana Chrome Dragon
Chrome Dragon Drakomana Marvel Dragon
Marvel Dragon Drakomana Emerald Dragon
Emerald Dragon Drakomana Rainbow Dragon
Rainbow Dragon Drakomana Ozma Rainbow Dragon

Fire Dragon - Lava ManaEdit

In one Eternal Dungeon, you received the Fire Dragon at stage 2. To enlord it you need 300 XP worth of books and a lava mana from stage 100. Advance the fire dragon using 300 xp, and it will reach level 100. Now, the advance screen will list the lava mana, so give it the mana. Your 3 star, level 100 Fire Dragon will become a 4 star, level 1 Flame Dragon, and its stats will climb a little (like a level up). Repeat the process using more xp books and the lava manas from stages 200 and 300.

Fire Dragon Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Fire Dragon Lava Mana Flame Dragon
Flame Dragon Lava Mana Magma Dragon
Magma Dragon Lava Mana Blaze Dragon

Marina - Sapien's SapEdit

In a later Campaign, Marina was introduced who could be Enlorded using up to four Sapiens Saps, the first three of which were obtained by collecting 10 each of three types of Pearls (Indigo Pearls, Azure Pearls, and Gold Pearls, each of which is worth 5 experience) during a limited time span. The first was collected by Questing, the second from Faries, and the third during the Guild War. The fourth was a reward for reaching a certain number of kills during the final phase of the Guild War. Again, she must reach max level before a Sapiens Sap can be used.

Amphie Marina Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Marina Sapien's Sap Amphie Marina
Amphie Marina Sapien's Sap Coral Marina
Coral Marina Sapien's Sap Cerise Marina
Cerise Marina Sapien's Sap Lady Marina

Ashyln von Sidow - Drop of DreamsEdit

Another enlordable card is Ashyln von Sidow. She is obtained on the 10th floor of the Nightmare Eternal Dungeon. She can be enlorded using Drop of Dreams, which is obtained at levels 100, 300, 500, and 1000 of her ED.

Ashyln von Sidow Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Ashyln von Sidow Drop of Dreams Abducted Ashyln
Abducted Ashyln Drop of Dreams Possessed Demon Ashyln
Possessed Demon Ashyln Drop of Dreams Exorcised Ashyln
Exorcised Ashyln Drop of Dreams Dream Navigator Ashyln

Demon Hatchling - Demonic SphereEdit

Metamorphosis campaign introduced the Demon Hatchling, rewarded for reaching stages in the Eternal Dungeon. The Demon Hatchling was awarded for reaching floor 100, and Demonic Spheres were awarded for reaching floors 200, 300, 1000, 3000, and 5000. The final evolution, the Archdemon, had the strongest attack of any warrior at the time. At floor 10,000, a Transformation Potion to become the Archdemon was awarded.

Demon Hatchling Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Demon Hatchling Demonic Sphere Vernal Demon
Vernal Demon Demonic Sphere Prime Demon
Prime Demon Demonic Sphere Demon Master
Demon Master Demonic Sphere Demon Lord
Demon Lord Demonic Sphere Archdemon

Proto Dragon - Draconian SphereEdit

The Proto Dragon has been rewarded for completing 15 Dragon Egg Collections during Metamorphosis Campaign. Draconian Spheres for enlording it were rewarded at completing 20 and 30 collections. For 31, a Transformation Potion was awarded to become the Genesis Dragon.

Proto Dragon Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Proto Dragon Draconian Sphere Inception Dragon
Inception Dragon Draconian Sphere Genesis Dragon

Hydra - Augmentation AppleEdit

The Arcane Havoc Guild War campaign introduced Hydra. This 6 star warrior was rewarded for 8 guild wins. 20 and 32 wins over 8 days rewarded the guild with an Augmentation Apple for enlording it.

Hydra Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Hydra Augmentation Apple Chthonic Hydra
Chthonic Hydra Augmentation Apple Lernaean Hydra

Andromalius - Demonic CrystalEdit

The Crystal Cross Eternal Dungeon introduced Andromalius. This 6 star warrior is rewarded for reaching stage 500. Stages 1000 and 5000 reward the player with the Demonic Crystal, permitting him to be enlorded to a 7 and 8 star warrior, respectively.

Andromalius Enlording
Warrior Item Enlorded Warrior
Andromalius Demonic Crystal Andromalius the Destroyer
Andromalius the Destroyer Demonic Crystal Dark Lord Andromalius

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