Genesis Dragon


The birth of a new dragon from the weak carcass of a human being.  These mighty dragons possess massive electrical powers, gained from the genetic spark at the time of their inception.

Obtained byEdit

Players will receive a Draconian Sphere on their 30th Individual Trade-In of the limited edition of the Chitin Collection to enlord their Proto Dragon.

This is the third enlorded form of the Proto Dragon.

Released in the Metamorphosis Eternal Dungeon Campaign

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
46 4,135 8,722
132 5,363 9,509
150 5,620 9,647
184 6,106 9,890
200 (max) 6,335 9,998

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Draconic Larva is the first Transformation material that lets you transform into a Dragon

Draconic Larva

Trade-in 31 Chitin Sets and receive the parasitic Draconic Larva


  • Transforms you into the Genesis Dragon
  • Recover Stamina and Health 10% faster
  • Recover Energy 15% faster