Game Events are started frequently. There are different types like Eternal Dungeon, Guild War, Special Collections, Quiz, Login Bonus, Boxes and more, sometimes combined.

If you want to create a new Game Event Page, have a look at how to make a single image from the collection of screenshots.


Game Events
Start Duration Type Name
2013-06-22 8d Guild Wars Dirty Deeds
2013-06-14 7d Eternal Dungeon Fortress In The Sky
2013-06-01 ?? Login Palace of Light
2013-05-13 7,5d Eternal Dungeon Crystal Cross
2013-05-13 7d Quiz Riddle Me This
2013-05-12 1d Shop The Travelling Apothecary
2013-05-10 3d Collection, Fairy Mother's Day
2013-05-09 3d Box (Shop) Guaranteed 7 Star (Legends Box)
2013-05-08 7d Login (2013-05-08)
2013-05-05 Guild War Arcane Havoc
2013-05-04 6d Bonus Rewards Milestone 550k
2013-05-01 7d Login (2013-05-01)
2013-05-01 3d Bonus Rewards It's Raining Books
2013-04-29 2d Box Primeval Wild
2013-04-27 Campaign Metamorphosis (Eternal Dungeon, Guild War)
2013-04-16 14d Login (2013-04-16)

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