Mephisto has had his eye on this powerful sorceress for a while.  She has arranged to be taken in order to free all of Mephisto's love slaves and put a stop to his terror forever.

Obtained byEdit

Reward for any of the following three missions during  Mephisto Guild Battles.(2013-05-23 through 2013-05-24)

  • 7 wins in Round 2 of the Mephisto Guild Battles.
  • Earning 200,000 Guild Point during Round 2 of the Mephisto Guild wars.
  • Making 200 kills during Round 2 of the guild battles.


This warrior can be evolved twice when 2 or more of these missions were completed.

Warrior StatsEdit

Warrior Strength by Level
Level Attack Defense
42 2,869 1,111
48 3,188 1,229
119 6,359 2,625
150 (max) 7,488 3,235

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