Having trained in dragonslaying as a youth, Corynne and Gideon developed a passionate romance.  When he left her to answer the call of duty, she searched Drazeros for him in earnest, obtaining the powers of the dragonriders.

Obtained byEdit

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
1 ? ?
136 2,821 6,970
140 2,876 7,166
141 2,890 7,215
149 2,998 7,607
150 (max) 3,012 7,656

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Transformation PotionEdit

Potion Corynne

Corynne's Protection

Make at least 2,000 Kills in the Anniversary Assault (2013-09-01)

  • Transform into Corynne
  • Raise Human Warriors' Def 15%
  • Recover Energy, Health and Stamina 10% faster
  • Fairies return 5% faster

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