Ancient demon and father of Grendel.  He is the one who has brought the wave of monsters to the Kingdom of Heorot to pay back Hrothgar for an old slight, and he won't stop until everyone in the kingdom lies dead at his feet.

Obtained byEdit

Reach stage 2,000 in the Beowulf Eternal Dungeon.

Campaign Period: 2013-08-17 through 2013-08-24


Can be evolved by reaching stage 4,000 and/or 8,000 in the Beowulf Eternal Dungeon.
Other Forms: (Cain - Evolution I) (Cain - Evolution II)

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
200 5,819 10,553

Return to Warrior Cards

Transformation PotionEdit

Potion Cain

Archaic Downpour

Reach Stage 9,000 in the Eternal Dungeon.

  • Transform into Cain
  • Raise Demon Warriors's Atk 7% & Def 7%
  • Recover Energy 10% faster
  • Gain 15% more coins
  • Fairies return 15% faster

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