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Ultimate Box Campaign available 2013-06-01 through 2013-06-15.


Murderers, plunderers, thieves... After the death of King Ascot, the public safety of Kinship is getting worse every day.

In his will, King Ascot wrote a list of the worst criminals in Drazeros and the bounty for taking them captive.  The word soon spread around the lands, and bounty hunter from all over Drazeros set out to claim the rewards. 

Now, bounty hunters have to fight each other as they race to take in the criminals.  Will peace ever come to Kinship? And who will claim the biggest bounty?


Campaign DetailsEdit

  • Only Doyle O'Conner and Axel the Drifter can be Evolved.
  • The Bounty Hunter Warriors will be available in the Gold Box at random after this campaign has ended except the 8-star Warrior "Doyle O'Conner".
  • Only Doyle O'Conner will be available in the Ultimate Box after this Campaign has ended.

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