Bone Crypt

Zone 18 of the Main Quest lines

Crimson StepsEdit

With one whiff of a human's scent, the dragon grew ravenous with rage and malice.  Your party suffered damage but was able to slay the terrifying beast.  You enter the gates of Boundsguard and emerge in the Black Lands.  The Dragon Throne lies not far from here, but the trail is treacherous and not navigable by foot.  You must go through the Bone Crypt to continue on your quest.  Descend the steps into the Crypt, crimson with the blood of fallen Warriors!

Boss Battle: Valak

Corpse CourtEdit

The beasts of the Crypt are truly savage.  You will have to fight off many more bloodthirsty demons before you can escape.  The court of the Crypt is ahead, strewn with the body parts of those foolish enough to have journeyed into the Crypt greedy for its bountiful treasures.  The legends say that the Crypt houses the rarest of treasures...

Boss Battle:


Mutilated Warriors attack you at every turn.  Demons no longer possessed of any human faculties, they are countless times more powerful and horrifying than the walking undead of Claw Tomb.  Slay them and emerge from the Crypt!

Boss Battle: Carne

Rams HeadEdit

Mages Possessing the darkest kinds of magic cast curses on your party.  They aim to strike you with various ailments and illnesses to turn you away from the Dark Continent...

Boss Battle: 

Torture ChamberEdit

The beasts are getting more bloodthirsty and the Crypt more distrubing.  The deepest parts of the Crypt have demon guardians protecting the Crypt from invaders and treasure hunters.  Twisted torturers lie ahead...

Boss Battle:

Sacrific AltarEdit

You cut off the arms of the head torturer and continue deeper into the Crypt.  The end is near, but a malicious giant executioner supposedly guards the treasures.  Even if you have no interest in the rewards of the Crypt, he is not likely to let you pass...

Boss Battle:

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