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There is a reason I have lived for thousands of years.  You will find out why... right before the flame of your life is extinguished! - Cain

Eternal Dungeon Campaign Period: 2013-08-17 through 2013-08-24


In a kingdom deep in the heart of Drazeros, an evil Demon, alive since the dawn of time, has summoned monsters to tear down a kingdom to settle an old vendetta.

The king has sent Warrior after Warrior to stop the monster from their rampage and bring pease to the land, but one after the other, they have fallen to the monsters.

Recently, the frequency of the attacks and strength of the monsters has increased, and the kingdom looks to be on its last leg.

But fortuitously, a man from a country far away has come to the kingdom, a man with both...


Banner Beowulf SP

The great dragon awakens! Prepare yourself for the greatest challenge yet! - Grendel's Mother

Collect all 5 Souls and get... Demigod Dragon [9S] Max Atk. 18,023 - Max Def. 17,226

Soul Quest: Agility - Show your Speed

- Mission 2 - Soul of Agility

Your mission, should you choose to accept it... Climb the Eternal Dungeon: Beowulf, and reach Stage 10,000.
Then, you shall earn the Soul of Agility...

Item RewardsEdit

You little creatures come to defeat me, the ancient dragon? I shall punish your foolishness! - The Wrym

  • Brand Healf-Denes - Atk. +1,700 - Dur. Intense
  • Flame Guard - Def. +1,700 - Dur. Intense - Reach stage: 200, 400, 600, 700, 800
  • Hrunting - Atk. +3,800 - Dur. Million - Reach stage: 3,000 and 7,000
  • Gold Box Key
  • Azure Fairy
  • Hourglass (1hr)
  • Experience Books (+10, +30, +50, +100)
  • Health Potion (100%)
  • Energy Potion (100%)
  • Stamina Potion (+5)


A brave warrior such as yourself is always welcome to my kingdom! Cometh, and let us fight against these monsters! - Hrothgar

8-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Beowulf See below 10,533 5,849
Beowulf - Evolution I See below
Beowulf - Evolution II See below 12,007 6,667
Cain Reach Stage 2,000
Cain - Evolution I Reach Stage 4,000
Cain - Evolution II Reach Stage 8,000 6,633 12,030

7-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Deathlock Reach Stage 1,000 6,328 6,189
Hrothgar Reach Stage 500
Hrothgar - Evolution I Reach Stage 750
Hrothgar - Evolution II Reach Stage 900 8,206 4,207
Grendel's Mother Individual rank 101-200
Grendel's Mother - Evolution I Individual rank 21-100
Grendel's Mother - Evolution II Individual rank 1-20 8,368 4,457
The Wrym Guild rank 11-20
The Wrym - Evolution I Guild rank 4-10
The Wrym - Evolution II Guild rank 1-3 4,433 8,390

6-Star Warriors

Warrior Obtained by Atk Def
Grendel Indivudual rank 501-1500
Grendel - Evolution I Individual rank 1-500 3,179 6,764
Necromancer Reach stage 300 3,949 5,751
Unferth Guild rank 51-200
Unferth - Evolution I Guild rank 1-50 7,173 2,823
Wealthow Reach Stage 100 5,173 4,677

Evolve Beowulf to his final Level by...Edit

1. Reward for Individuals ranked 1-10.
2. Reaching Stage 6,000 in the Eternal Dungeon.
3. Reaching Stage 10,000 in the Eternal Dungeon.

Berserker WarriorsEdit

My sword shall not waver, I will take the fiends down one by one! - Beowulf

Warrior Obtained by Ability
Viracocha Ultimate box: Gods of the New World Lucky Speed: 20%

Transformation PotionsEdit

Potion Beowulf

Dragon Slayer

Collect 4 of 5 souls. Campaign Period: 2013-08-17 through 2013-08-24 (See Demigod Dragon for more details on soul collection)

  • Transform into Beowulf
  • Raise Human Warriors' Atk & Def 10%
  • Recover Energy and Stamina 15% faster
  • Gain 10% more Experience
Potion GrendelMother

Lethal Leaf

Reward for Guilds ranked 1 in the Eternal Dungeon.

  • Transform into Grendel's Mother only once
  • Raise Magikin Warriors' Atk 10% and Def 5%
  • Recover Energy and Health 10% faster
  • Gain 10% more coins
Potion Grendel

Grand Force

Reach Stage 5,000 in the Eternal Dungeon.

  • Transform into Grendel only once
  • Raise Giant Warriors' Atk 20%
  • Recover Health 15% faster
  • Gain 10% more experience
Potion Cain

Archaic Downpour

Reach Stage 9,000 in the Eternal Dungeon.

  • Transform into Cain
  • Raise Demon Warriors's Atk 7% & Def 7%
  • Recover Energy 10% faster
  • Gain 15% more coins
  • Fairies return 15% faster

Potion Deathlock

Scent of Death

Win 16 Battles in the Circus of Souls Battle Bonanza.

  • Transform into Deathlock
  • Raise Undead Warriors' ATK and DEF by 7%
  • Recover Energy, Health and Stamina 5% faster
  • Gain 5% more Experience.

Additional InformationEdit

  • All rewards will be distributed by Aug 29th (Thurs) *ET, once the event has finished.
  • Players will get the Reward tier for the number of Souls they got, and all Rewards Tiers below that.

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