A traveling bountry hunter with no morals, he will go to any length to track down his target.  His tongue was ripped out at an early age for mouthing off to a grumpy mercenary, so he lets his gigantic sword do the talking.

Obtained byEdit

Release during the Bounty Hunters Ultimate box campaign and will be available in the Ultimate box until 2013-06-15.

Available in the Gold Box at random after this campaign.

This Warrior can evolve twice.

Warrior Strength by LevelEdit

Level Attack Defense
150 7180 3420

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Transformation PotionEdit

Potion AxeltheDrifter

Hunter's HungerEdit

Get 1000-1999 kills in the Bounty Bonanza Guild Wars


  • Transforms the drinker into Axel the Drifter
  • Recover Stamina and Health 10%
  • Get 10% more Experience

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