Astral Warriors Banner
We are the Astral Warriors! We have descended to Drazeros from our respective planets to seek a righteous leader!

We have traveled far and wide to reach this place.  Recruit us to your army and we will lend you our strength!


Ultimate Box Campaign that ended 2013-05-15.


8-Star WarriorsEdit

Warrior Max Attack Max Defense
Mercury 9,373 6,607

7-Star WarriorsEdit

Warrior Max Attack Max Defense
Saturn 3,226 7,692
Venus 7,651 3,211
Neptune 7,933 3,011

6-Star WarriorsEdit

Warrior Max Attack Max Defense
Earth 6,159 3,220
Jupiter 5,823 3,584
Mars 2,894 6,503
Pluto 4,476 4,889


The Astral Warriors are able to evolve into stronger forms when drawn from the Gold Box multiple times.

Disposable Transformation PotionEdit

Astral Warriors PotionsBanner
The potions released during this event are disposable Transformation Potions.  Once you use them, they will disappear from your Inventory.

Oceanus PotionemEdit

  • Transform the Drinker into Earth once
  • Recover Energy 10% faster
  • Gain 5% more Coins

Evening StarEdit

  • Transform the drinker into Venus once
  • Recover Stamina 10% faster
  • Gain 5% more Experience.

Planet LostEdit

This potion was NOT released with the Astral Warriors in the Ultimate Box Campaign but is now available in the Secret Box Palace of Light. It was released 2013-06-01.

  • Transforms the drinker into Pluto only once.
  • Gain 10% more EXP and Coins
  • Faires return 10% faster

Developer NotesEdit

  • The Astral Warriors will be available in the Gold Box at random even after this Campaign has ended.
  • The Astral Warrios will no longer appear in the Ultimate Box after this campaign has ended except for the 8-Star Warrior Mercury.

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